Backyard Barbecue, Arlington

Anne-Marie made me two Shepherd’s Pies yesterday because Matt was having his wisdom teeth removed today, and she and Michael saved them for me until today. 

I’m having half of one right now, and it’s just as good as it was before. This is *great* Shepherd’s Pie, and I’m pretty sure it’s the only good Shepherd’s Pie I’ve ever eaten.

Yes, it would be better still with ground lamb instead of ground beef, *but* that is the only thing that could possibly make this any better.

I don’t know about Backyard Barbecue’s business model, but I can tell you one thing: they are to Shepherd’s Pie what Mockingbird Hill is to Sherry, what Pupatella is to pizza crust, what Sushi Taro is to sashimi, what Pure Pasty Co. is to the Pasty – Backyard Barbecue’s Shepherd’s Pie is so far-and-away better than anyone else’s is, that there’s simply nothing to compare it to.

The problem is: it’s not on their regular menu, and I have to ask: WHY? This is the one thing here that’s Best In Class, at any price. Yet, it’s a rare and fleeting occasion when it becomes available. It is legitimately great. Anne-Marie, could you chime in, and answer why it is you don’t make 50 of these a week, and sell them for $20 each? Granted, that would be a bit pricey, but knowing how good they are, *I* would pay $20 for one. Others wouldn’t, and to sell to the masses, you might have to price them at $14.99.

Would you consider it? If you want lines out your door, you’ll specialize in this one item. The day you do, is the day you get a LOT of publicity from me.

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