Curry Mantra 2, Falls Church, VA

I’ve now ordered online from Curry Mantra 2 about five times. I got my online receipt sent to my email at 6:08, with delivery promised at 6:50. 

They are now batting 1.000 at being late *every single time*, and not by a little; by a lot.

I ordered strictly tandoor items tonight because I no longer trust their stir-fry cooking. I’m praying that my food – if it comes at all – will not be dried out or whatever else they can do to screw it up.

The Curry Mantra chain needs shoring up badly. And I’ve ordered from Curry Mantra 2 at least 20 times, so I’m comfortable saying that.

Tonight is the final time – I’m going back to Haandi. And considering how *bad* I think Haandi is, that’s really saying something.

They’re now 25 minutes late. I suspect they’ll call, like they usually do, saying “we got lost.”

By the way, remember the cell number I traced to someone who was running a porn website on the side when I Googled the number (when they called me to tell me they “got lost?”)


10 more minutes, and I’m calling to cancel my order. I’ve had it with this lousy chain.

ETA: it is now 7:357:45, I’ve called to cancel my order, and they’re not picking up their phone – if you let it ring long enough, it rolls over to a fax 

Downgraded in the Dining Guide.

BTW, it naturally dawned on me that Curry Mantra 2 probably didn’t open tonight because of the weather. This is a classic case of the straw breaking the camel’s back – I wish they had flipped whatever switch needed flipping to disable their online ordering system. The downgrade remains – I ordered from here a couple of weeks ago, and even Matt told me he’d prefer Haandi from this point forward. How is it possible for a restaurant to render such a poor rendition of Aloo Gobi that 80% of it gets thrown out?

Curry Mantra 2, for a few, fleeting weeks, had the best Indian food I’ve eaten in the DC area. Somewhere out there, at one of the three restaurants, may be lurking one hell of a cook. I hope if someone finds him (and it will be absolutely obvious if it happens), they’ll post about it here. Until then, I think I’m done with the Curry Mantra chain – okay, maybe their tandoori paneer which, to me, has been fantastic 100% of the time, but it is so, so expensive – $16 for a skewer of baked cheese. Still, I could eat it every day.

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