White Bread Loaf at Junction Bakery, Del Ray

Junction Bakery (Jan 2, 2019)

We enjoyed the two loaves of bread purchased at Junction Bakery so much that we decided to have our first dinner of 2020 at the Del Ray outlet. While I can’t recommend that people dine here, I purchased another loaf of White Bread ($5.95), and can urge people wholeheartedly to buy their daily bread here.

Dinner here is counter service, with wines purchased from bins while in the checkout line. A lovely Bacci Ciccio Toscana (DOG) ($20) did the trick with the modest cuisine enjoyed here, but the small selection of wines is by no means a guarantee of success – a little knowledge will go a long way here.

A Carolina Gold Rice Bowl ($15.99) with seared filet tips, broccolini, cilantro, house XO sauce, and lime wedge, was adequate – overcooked beef and undercooked rice, but with decent flavors. A Classic Burger ($14.99), ordered “with cheddar instead of American,” was a gooey Big-Mac-ish mess – a double patty (cooked to a full well-done), at least two types of cheese, lettuce, tomato, house-made dill pickles, “Junction sauce” (thousand-island dressing), on a brioche bun. It was dry and painful, but also had almost identical flavors to a Big Mac (which I haven’t had in many, many years), so if this is your sort of thing, order and enjoy.

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