Breads at Junction Bakery, Del Ray

Junction Bakery served me well towards the close of 2019: A dear friend dropped by for a visit on Dec 28 (and was forced to suffer through the LSU-Oklahoma game), and we purchased two Junction Bakery Baguettes at Arrowine (Lee Heights Shopping Center, Arlington), as well as an armada of cheese (more on that later). The baguettes from Junction Bakery are just about perfect, and are sold both at the outstanding (for wines and cheeses) Arrowine, and the outstanding (for meats and produce) Organic Butcher in McLean, as well as at the three locations of Junction Bakery itself (Del Ray, Chevy Chase, MD, and Capitol Hill).

On Sunday, Dec 29, there was some leftover baguette, and it was the perfect vehicle for sandwiches, encasing sliced pork tenderloin with a reduced cherry sauce.

On Dec 30th, we had plenty of leftover cheese, but no leftover baguette, so I hopped over to the actual Junction Bakery in Del Ray for a loaf of Ciabatta ($5.95) and White Bread ($5.95). This made for a wonderful (if excessive) Monday lunch, as you can see in the picture:

The Ciabatta (right) was mostly the victim of this meal, and on Dec 31, there remained plenty of the White Bread (left), but nothing novel to go with it for New Year’s Eve. So I went out to MOM’s Organic Market in Mosaic District, and bought some smoked salmon, cream cheese, and capers. With some Champagne (and a bottle of 1954 Fuenmayor Rioja thrown in for good measure), we used the White Bread as a quasi-bagel for a New Year’s Eve dinner, watching the strange 2011 film, “The Tree of Life” (which won the Palme d’Or award at Cannes that year).

The breads at Junction bakery were so good that we decided to have dinner there on New Year’s Day. More on that in another post.

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