Del Ray Cafe, Del Ray, Alexandria, VA

I met a couple friends for dinner last night at Del Ray Cafe. Frazzled and harried – it took me *one hour* to get there from Merrifield, and I was “not in the best of shape” when I arrived – I did get to taste through the restaurant’s best effort (these friends are regulars of Del Ray Cafe).

Although I haven’t been to Evening Star Cafe lately, I’ve been hearing mostly that it’s not what it once was (I can’t say this with any degree of confidence, however). I’d never been to Del Ray Cafe before, but I feel comfortable enough after last night (Risotto with Escargots and Black truffle, Quail with Cauliflower Mousseline and Asparagus, Crêpe Suzette) to promote it to Italic and raise it to the very top of the Del Ray section in the Dining Guide.

I cannot stress strongly enough how much Del Ray Cafe needs to lower the temperature of their red wines, which were served fully ten degrees too warm – they were good wines, but almost undrinkable because of their temperature. But this was the only flaw in an otherwise lovely dinner.

Cheers, Rocks

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