SundeVich, Convention Center

I had lunch at SundeVich on Wednesday, and the sandwiches were wonderful – off the top of my head, the only pure sandwich shop I can think of that I might prefer is the Ballston Earl’s Sandwiches. Of course, Stachowski Market and Deli is right up there also.

My young dining companion and I split two sandwiches: the Beirut ($11) with grilled steak, hummus, tomato, brined vegetables (pickles), and fresh herbs (primarily cilantro); and the Seoul ($11) with bulgogi beef, kimchi, asian slaw, greens, and garlic mayo. We also split a wonderful Eggplant Dip ($4.50) with garlic, tomato, egg (which makes the dip), and spices – using thinly sliced baguette as dipping chips, and I washed mine down with a 16 ounce bottle of Diet Pepsi ($1.50).

I preferred the Beirut only because I’m a little bulgogi-and-kimchi’d out, and the flavors were both more neutral and novel (to me) in the Beirut. The dip is easily transportable if you don’t finish it, so don’t hesitate to try it, knowing in advance you’ll take some home.

SundeVich is a treasure for Convention Center sandwich seekers, although I must say the order took a fairly long time so you may want to call it in. On the way home, we also noticed a SundeVich food truck driving up a northbound street – that said, I can’t imagine that the food truck versions are assembled as expertly as the sandwiches we had in-store.

 An interesting factoid about SundeVich: three sandwiches are named after Iranian cities; none after Iraqi cities – a little ethnic strife in action here?

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