Chi Mc – Bon Chon Chicken’s Replacement in Annandale (And Just As Good)

The Annandale Bon Chon location is now called Chi Mc, and is almost *exactly* the same as Bon Chon was, with slightly better service and (I think) a few more options to choose from.

Matt “took me” :) me there for Father’s Day (he *loves* chicken wings), and it was wonderful – everything Bon Chon ever was, and perhaps more. 

I phoned my order in at 4:35, and they said it’d be ready at 5:10 (we ate in).

They said they were out of drummies, so we got one Large Wings and a bottle of ShoChu ($33.95) and one Medium Wings ($14) – I can’t find the receipt, so I’m going from memory here. We ordered them both half soy-garlic and half spicy, and some drumsticks did appear after all.

After receiving the shochu, and a large, thin, (temperature)-hot bowl of tofu-onion-soy soup, the chicken came, and it was virtually identifcal to Bon Chon’s. It met our expectations as more.  

Matt flubbed a piano recital, and drowned his sorrows in chicken wings this evening – as a dear friend told me, “chicken wings are a unifying force of nature,” and she’s right. We had a fantastic time – thanks, Matt!

Initialized strongly in Italic.

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