Posts of Distinction: Selected Writings on, 12/12 – 12/18

I’ve said it many times before, and I’ll say it again: is worth nothing without its wonderful members. The content on the website is so bountiful that it becomes easy to take for granted, easy to assume that it just magically appears out of nowhere.

But I’ve never taken it for granted, and I never will. As a gesture of respect and gratitude to our community, here are just some of the marvelous essays written by our members during the week of November 12th through November 18th.

From our “Washington DC Restaurants and Dining” Section

Applebee’s (porcupine, jayandstacey, darkstar965)

Caphe Banh Mi (weezy)

Chakra Cafe (jandres374)

China Star (MsDiPesto)

Cork Wine Bar (marketfan x 2)

Elizabeth’s Gone Raw (darkstar965)

Equinox (New Foodie)

Fishnet (darkstar965)

Food Trucks (yfunk3, goldenticket, MartyL)

Frankly … Pizza! (wisehands)

Ga Bo Ja (TheMatt)

Harth (darkstar965)

Memphis Barbecue (JayCobb1945)

Mio (pedrsmit)

Mount Vernon Inn (weezy)

Newton’s Table (rockcreek)

Pearl Dive (jandres374, rockcreek, sheldman, darkstar965, qwertyy)

Pho Hong Anh (Kibbee Nayee)

Pizza CS (jandres374)

Rogue 24 (choirgirl21)

Seventh Hill Pizza (DPop)

SunDeVich (New Foodie)

Thai Pavilion (anhdeluxe & SVT)

2941 (puristdc)

From our “Help Needed” Section

What To Do When a Wonderful Person is Wronged (yfunk3)

From our “Events and Gatherings” Section

College Dining (ol_ironstomach)

From our “Shopping and Cooking” Section

Dinner (monavano, Anna Blue, zoramargolis, & Pat)

Home Based Sausage and Charcuterie Making (Poivrot Farci)

Kitchen 911 (ilane, goldenticket, porcupine)

LeoNora Bakery (zoramargolis)

Olive Oil (darkstar965)

Plenty” by Yoatom Ottolengi (LauraB, goldenticket)

Pressure Cookers (lperry)

What Are You Baking Right Now? (monavano)

What Are You Eating Right Now? (qwertyy)

What Are You Simmering Right Now? (TheHersch)

From our “Farms and Farmer’s Markets” Section

Mount Plesant Market (marketfan)

14th and U Market (marketfan)

From our “Beer and Wine” Section

Bitters With Life (xcanuck)

From our “News and Media” Section

Peter Chang Really HAS Been Found (johnb)

From our “Intrepid Traveler” Section

Kiev, Ukraine (SVT)

From our “Baltimore” Section

Joe Squared Pizza (ol_ironstomach (only for using the word “perky” to describe a Caesar salad))

Chesapeake Wine Company (JDawgBBall9)

From our “New York City” section

Aldea (SVT)

Riverpark (Drive-by Critic)

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