dcdining.com’s Christmas Present to Washington, DC

The dining community has been good to me, and opening up the Washington, DC dining guide to the public, at least for a little while, seems a fitting way to say “thank you.”

Please become a member of donrockwell.com. It takes about 60 seconds, it’s free, and your information is kept absolutely private. Jackie and Pat are blazingly efficient, and will validate your membership very quickly (yes, there are real people at donrockwell.com, working hard behind the scenes!). Becoming an active member (i.e., joining and posting) will ensure that the dining guide is always there for you. You’ll use it all the time – even I, myself, use it almost every single day for reference (and I wrote it!). Put it on your cell phone, and bring it up whenever you’re looking for a restaurant.

Understand that this dining guide changes almost daily – there is no such thing as a “fixed rating” for a restaurant because that doesn’t reflect reality.

Enjoy it – I put my name and reputation behind everything, so if you see something that is incorrect (or, if you just think I missed something), please let me know. I read every single email I get, and always try to err on the side of reason.

Presenting: dcdining.com’s Washington, DC Dining Guide, written by Don Rockwell

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