Mike’s Deli at Lazy Sundae, Falls Church, VA

Mike’s Deli at Lazy Sundae isn’t much more than a short-order flat-top grill, but it’s putting out one of my favorite down-home breakfast dishes: Corned Beef Hash ($7), with two eggs (over-easy) and buttered wheat toast.

This might not sound like much, but it’s homemade corned beef hash which means that they’re slicing deli-style corned beef into their fried potatoes, adding chopped green pepper, and frying them on the flattop alongside the perfectly over-easy eggs whose yolks break and flow into the potatoes, the buttered wheat bread left to mop it all up with.

For seven bucks, this is one heck of a good, hearty, satisfying breakfast – so much so that you may not even want lunch. Consider it anytime you’re driving down Route 7 on a weekday morning. For this type of short-order cooking, it’s really good, tasty, and darned near irresistible. (And, they have a Simpsons pinball machine!)

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