Rumors, Downtown

I remember going to Rumors about five years ago, and before that the previous twenty visits were probably back in the 1980s.

I’d just left Public Bar, where I’d made it my goal to find something good on the menu; at Rumors, it was much easier.

Wrapped Asparagus ($8) were several bunches of baby asparagus stalks, each bound together like firewood with a cord wrapped around it, except that the cord was prosciutto with a little dollop of goat cheese underneath. A few dabs of thick balsamic reduction on the plate, and you have a really good, healthy appetizer.

There are plenty of things on Rumors’ menu that scare me (Hot Poppers, Muchos Nachos, Golden Chicken Tenders, etc.), but if you’re looking for something worthwhile, there are some diamonds in the rough here. Well, maybe not diamonds, but turquoise.

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