Public Bar, Dupont Circle

Imagine 40 flat-screen TVs in one bar.

Public Bar is cavernous, with two floors plus a rooftop deck, almost 8,000 square feet of space (including the deck), and forty (40!) flat-screen TVs, about 30 of them on the main floor. If you sit at the bar, there are perhaps two-dozen of them staring you in the face, some of which are larger than life – you almost feel like you’re at ESPN Zone.

I hadn’t heard anything good about the food or drink here, so I made it my mission to find something. And I succeeded, sort of.

The best beer of a sorry lot was a Sam Adams Winter Lager on draft ($7), although they get credit for having Jameson Irish Whiskey which is usually a good value considering its quality.

Loaded Baked Potato Curveballs ($8) were about the only thing on the menu that caught my eye, and they weren’t bad, at least as far as pub grub goes. Billed as “A Public Bar special: crispy bites of potato, cheddar cheese, and apple smoked bacon,” they were six golf-ball sized orbs of deep-fried potato, with only small amounts of the cheese and bacon mixed in. A little tub of extraneous ranch dressing comes on the side – if you come here, consider trying an order of these.

Public Bar has a lot of happy hour specials, so make sure to check their website if you go.

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