Famous Luigi’s, Downtown

I’d like to say Famous Luigi’s is underrated, but I can’t for two reasons: it’s generally not rated, and over the years, I don’t think I’ve ever had anything here other than pizza.

But I do enjoy their pizza (which is only a small part of their menu). The other evening, I was in the mood for something gooey and cheesy, and got a plain old Cheese Pizza ($9 for two). Sure enough, it was like it always is: simple, unfussy, and tasty.

I suspect you can make grave errors here with toppings such as Bleu Cheese, Smoke [sic] Salmon, and Baby Shrimp. But other than some loaded pizzas for 3-4 people, there isn’t a single item on their rather large menu that costs over $18.75 (most entrees hover around $15).

Famous Luigi’s has been in business since 1943 (!), making it one of the Oldest Restaurants in the Area. They’re open until midnight seven nights a week, and offer free delivery with a minimum order of $15.

Note: If you can think of a restaurant that isn’t on that list that has been open since 1979 or before, please contact me and let me know.

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