’s Washington, DC Dining Guide is the Largest Single-City Dining Guide in the World

It sounds unbelievable, but it’s true: The Washington, DC Restaurant Guide is the largest single-city restaurant guide in the entire world.

Michelin Paris boasts of having 600+ restaurants; I counted our DC Guide and stopped when I got to 700.

This does not include our Virginia or Maryland guides, which would double that number.

And it does not include restaurants which have closed – which we keep track of for historical interest – which would triple that number.

Nor does it include New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Baltimore, or what will soon be our newest Restaurant Forum: Houston, Texas.

The figure only includes restaurants open in DC proper, and I have personally been to the vast majority of them – having lived in Washington, DC for almost 50 years – and not once have I ever accepted anything for free. Perhaps just as importantly, I don’t have an expense account, so I’m forced to think about how much things cost when I write reviews for diners.

In short: You can trust what I write as being impartial, objective, and without agenda.

Things are only going to grow from here – I look forward to seeing our new members on

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