Backyard Barbecue, Arlington, VA

(See the January 31, 2011 Review here.)

On certain Saturdays at noon, Backyard Barbecue roasts an entire pig in the parking lot out front. Today, it was a 60 pounder, and they were selling fantastic Pulled Pork Sandwiches ($6.99), tonged straight from the pig, with a little tub of pretty good cole slaw.

My young adversary and I had gone out to play tennis, but he’d missed breakfast and was starving. We cut our drill session short (after about 15 minutes of lethargy), then went and grabbed a couple of these sandwiches. Served on a medium-sized soft roll and generously sauced (unless you ask them not to), this perfect pulled pork sandwich is just enough for a moderate lunch.

After our sandwich, we went back and played some more tennis, and now he’s sitting downstairs, foot propped up, with ice on his ankle – but at least he’s not hungry!

A personal note of thanks to Anne-Marie Schmidt, who wrote me a month after my beloved mom passed away to see how I was doing. There’s a special tradition in Ireland called the Month’s Mind – a mass said for someone who passes a month afterwards. “In my personal experience I have felt that after a month people around you forget – and forget to ask, ‘how’s it going?'” she said.

Not soon to be forgotten by me, and I’ll add that if anyone reading this knows of someone who has recently suffered the loss of a loved one, please check up on them to see how they’re doing. I learned, years ago, that it’s always appreciated – even if it’s just a five-word email.

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