Mark’s Duck House, Seven Corners, VA

(See the May 13, 2011 Review here.)

After a light, early snack and the always-riveting Terminator 2, it was time for dinner. But it was getting late on a Sunday night, and places were closing – Mark’s Duck House to the rescue.

Steamed Shrimp & Pork Dumplings ($3.50) were four pellets, with thick, dry noodle surrounding hard, tasteless, little marbles. Okay, so at $3.50, how much can one complain? Well, a little bit: at 87.5 cents per pellet, don’t bother.

I know it’s quirky, but I tend to like Egg Foo Young, and that’s why I ordered Mark’s Pork Egg Foo Young ($9.95, not on the menu but they’ll make it for you), a dark, brooding rendition that doesn’t hold a candle to the one I recently had at Hong Kong Palace. I took just a teaspoon of the thick, rapidly clotting brown gravy, and mixed it into the white rice for flavor, then milled some coarse sea salt over the shrimp with scrambled eggs (it’s a better way to go, trust me). For a late-night emergency meal, you can do a whole lot worse than this, but this food was sub-par.

Mark’s Duck House is open seven days a week, until 11 PM Sun-Thu, and until midnight Fri-Sat.

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