Mark’s Duck House, Seven Corners, VA

If you’re ever in the mood for pure protein, get a carryout order of Roasted Pig with Crispy Skin ($8.35) from Mark’s Duck House, and make sure to order it “warm.”

“Ten minutes,” the gentleman told me on the phone.

Fifteen minutes later, I was there, and they hadn’t started working on my order yet. So I waited, and watched a man attack a section of one of the hanging roast pigs with a cleaver, cutting and cross cutting until things were chopped into bite-sized cubes, some with skin. Then, he took the cutting board and walked over to the microwave oven, zapped it for 30 seconds, and dumped it into a styrofoam container.

I was thinking to myself, “There’s no way this skin is going to be crispy,” but sure enough, it was, and it was great, too. If you love pork, pork, and more pork … maybe you should become a politician, and this is the carryout dish for you.

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