Saveur India, Bethesda, MD

I was last at Saveur India a couple of years ago, and really enjoyed my meal. This time around, I only stopped in for a snack, but also found a little pot of gold.

Samosas ($4.50) are good here, and seemingly made in-house. The unassuming menu description of ‘spiced potato and peas stuffed in pastry shells, served with tamarind chutney,’ might cause you to overlook them, but you shouldn’t – if you like samosas, then you’ll really like these.

I ordered the Kulfi ($4.95) because the menu said it was made with “home made” Pista ice cream and mango sauce, and I was a little skeptical; I shouldn’t have been. This was an elegant, finesse-based ice cream that caught me off-guard by how good it was. While the mango sauce alone isn’t anything special, it quickly becomes that way once the pistachio ice cream begins to melt into it. One member at our table, from India, said that this type of light, ice-milkish type of kulfi with tiny little ice crystals in it (from freezing (*)) reminds her very much of what she used to find at vendor stands in Delhi.

(*) After writing this, I now realize how silly it sounds. “Uh, no, Don, really? Ice crystals occurred from freezing?”

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