Ray’s Hell Burger Too, Arlington, VA

* Table Service

* Beer and Wine

* Credit Cards

Do you really need a fourth reason to go to Ray’s Hell Burger Too instead of Ray’s Hell Burger?

Here, you drink cheaply – our table got a Boylan’s Cola ($2), a Bell’s Pale Ale ($4) – but not always well (and a screw-top split of the dreadful Woodbridge Pinot Grigio ($4)). I’m aware of the legal reasons behind the little screw-top splits (high school employees), but I’ve always found it ironic – in a humorous way – that national James Beard Award winner Mark Slater oversees this nasty little wine program.

I cannot overemphasize how great the Bone Marrow ($3) is as a burger topping here. Although I’ve gotten it down the block at Ray’s many times, on this evening, it was an actual roasted bone that arrived, cut horizontally, and the diner can spoon out his own marrow. This, on my Original Burger ($7.99) grilled, cooked to a perfect medium rare, and also served with cognac & sherry sauteed mushrooms – what a combination this was. As always, I saw the burger, thought it was smaller than I remembered from the last time, yet left the restaurant stuffed to the gills because its looks are deceiving.

The table also got some Skin-on Fries ($2.50 for a large), Sweet Potato Fries ($3.00 for a large), and Seven Cheese Mac ($2.00), none of which I could recommend.

But you’re at Ray’s for the burger. Not the bun, not the fries, but the burger. And as always, it was like eating a steak, with the flavor amped up, and placed on a roll – it’s beefier than beef.

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