Eamonn’s – A Dublin Chipper, Alexandria, VA

Ye olde reliable Dublin Chipper striketh again.

In what seemed to be a recurring theme with my French house guests, semi- fast food reared its head again in Old Town at Eamonn’s (following in the footsteps of Surfside, Maoz Vegetarian, and Ray’s Hell Burger) – my old-school guests were fascinated with this novel concept of ordering and dining.

Getting a table here can be difficult – annoyingly so – and this evening was no exception. We stood for about twenty minutes as I nursed a draft of Guinness Stout ($5.25), the food arriving as we waited.

But the food at Eamonn’s has always seemed to retain its heat very well, and even after ten minutes or so, things were still roaring hot upon the tearing of the paper. A Fried Cod ($8.00 for a large) was as good as ever, although on this evening, the portion size seemed a bit smaller than I usually get (that’s what happens when your fish isn’t mechanically cut at a processing facility – a price well-worth paying).

The Chips here ($4.00 for a regular) have always been right on the mark for me. These aren’t crispy fries; they’re floppy chips, and I love them for dipping. In particular, folks that have read my reviews before know that I rave about the chips dipped in Eamonn’s’ outstanding curry sauce. As absurd as this sounds, this is one of my favorite Indian snacks – street food if you will – in the area. If you’ve never tried the chips at Eamonn’s dipped in their curry sauce, you’re going to faint when you see how good the combination is.

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