Blanca’s, Falls Church, VA

Blanca’s is a relatively unknown Salvadoran / Tex-Mex restaurant that has been right on S. Washington Street since 1989. It’s dingy exterior conceals an interior with slightly more charm than you’d expect.

Note when you walk in, there’s a little glass case towards the back where they sell breads, empanadas, etc. which are all made in-house.

For most Salvadoran / Tex-Mex restaurants, I find the Salvadoran dishes more interesting; my somewhat limited experience with Blanca’s has been split right down the middle – both cuisines are good and plentiful here; neither are going to win any awards.

My young dining companion started with a Diet Coke ($1.75) while I ordered a Modelo Especial ($3.50, and note that on the evening before, the same beer was $5.50 at Casa Oaxaca).

From the Especialidades Salvadoreñas section of the menu, we decided to try it all, and split a Plato Combinado ($26.95, for two). After about fifteen minutes, out came this enormous oval-shaped platter of food which must have weighed five pounds. There’s no way I’m going to remember everything that was on it, but it had a charcoal steak, yuca, refried pork (outstanding little morsels, and the highlight of the plate), tamale, pupusa, enchilada, beef pie, rice and beans. It was more than enough food for two hungry men, and it was all hearty and satisfying. I’ve had better food than this before at Blanca’s (combination plates tend to suffer because of timing issues), but for $26.95 this meal was an excellent value.

Blanca’s is a very family-friendly restaurant too, so if you have little ones, don’t hesitate to bring them here.

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