Heritage Asia, Glover Park

I’ve been curious about Heritage Asia since the sign first appeared on Wisconsin Avenue last year. Heritage India has been upstairs for years, but what, exactly was this?

There are two different chefs (Mohan Singh at Heritage India, and Thasana Midee at Heritage Asia), and their carryout menu refers to “both kitchens,” so there’s apparently a separate kitchen I didn’t know about (I’d always assumed there was only one).

Chef Midee was the opening chef at Tara Thai, so despite the Pan-Asian bent to the menu, I decided to stick with Thai-based dishes. I even ordered a Singha (not sure why I always order Tsing Tao at Chinese restaurants, Kirin Ichiban at Japanese restaurants, and Singha at Thai restaurants – I guess it sort of puts me in the mood).

Hoijor ($7.95), chicken and crab meat wrapped in a tofu skin, was almost surely purchased, given the tight wrap and nearly identical size and shape of each piece. The filling was sausage-like, and it was topped with a slightly spiced sweet sauce. Honestly, I ordered this because I’d never seen the name before – it wasn’t a bad dish, but wouldn’t be a repeat for me.

Lamb Korlaa ($13.95) interested me, not only because I was unfamiliar with the name, but also because I rarely see lamb at Thai restaurants. There’s definitely an overlap between Heritage India and Heritage Asia, and in fact you can order Heritage India’s menu downstairs at Heritage Asia. There can be little doubt that they get their lamb from the same supplier, and the meat itself was pretty good, served with Thai herbs in a moderately spicy sauce. The one thing I could have done without is the unadorned vegetables (cauliflower, etc.), just sitting there on the side of the plate, arranged in the shape of a fan but having no purpose whatsoever.

After one meal here, my curiosity was saté-d, and I left the somewhat forlorn restaurant with a very neutral feeling. Bar service was non-existent, and neither dish I had was enough to make me want to rush back.

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