Kenny’s, Silver Spring, MD

Kenny’s is a tiny Peruvian roast chicken joint in Four Corners, located right next to the bigger, more obvious Fajita Coast.

It was 9:25 PM, and they were closing at 9:30, but they still happily packed up a Whole Chicken ($15.31) which comes with two sides (in this case, yucca and plantains ($1 surcharge)).

The gentleman behind the counter apologized for the styrofoam container not being able to close – ‘the chickens we’re getting in right now have gotten huge,’ he said – and sure enough, this was easily the largest Peruvian roast chicken I’ve ever seen, closer in size to what I used to see at Chicken Out (I haven’t been to Chicken Out in probably ten years). This chicken was so large that two hungry adults couldn’t finish it.

Unfortunately, it was so large that nothing had penetrated the breast meat which was dry and flavorless. It had been awhile since the bird had been roasted (it was in some sort of holding area), so the skin was floppy, and really not all that interesting. The plantains, however, were bountiful and well-fried in fresh oil; the yucca was standard-issue, and something of a skimpy portion considering how much chicken there was.

A handwritten sign on the wall read “Happy Hour Special” – a free canned soft drink with the purchase of a half or whole chicken, every day from 6 PM until closing time. When I asked if I could get a can, they happily obliged.

Kenny’s also has a surprisingly interesting selection of beers available for retail purchase.

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