Bourbon, Glover Park

On what I suppose will be the saddest Mother’s Day ever, with neither mother nor grave to visit, I found myself alone at the bar at Bourbon late Sunday evening in search of liquid comfort.

And I made the best of what could have been a pathetic situation, ordering my own cross-taste of Rittenhouse Ryes: the BIB ($7 for 2 ounces, 100 proof), the Single Barrel 21-Year-Old ($5 for 1/2 ounce, 100 proof), and the Single Barrel 23-Year-Old ($6 for 1/2 ounce, 100 proof). The former has no relation to the latter two except the name Rittenhouse on the label; the single barrels were huge steps up in quality (and price), and I really preferred the rye-itude of the 23 to the 21 which had more of a caramel component.

(Wondering whether the law regulating these drinks is known as the Rye-it Act.)

It’s awesome having Jake Parrott in my speed dial. “What should I try here that’s not too expensive?” I texted. Within two minutes, he responded: “One of the ltd edition 4 roses.”

The Four Roses Barrel Strength 11 Year 2009 Bottling ($14 for 2 ounces, 116 proof) was a notch up in quality from both the single-barrel Rittenhouses, and less expensive to boot. A great drink that should be on the top of the list of anyone who wants to explore the glories of Bourbon.

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