Pizzeria Orso, Falls Church, VA

(See the December 11th, 2010 Review here.)

Confession time. It was 7 PM last Sunday night, I was working on almost no sleep, had really never spoken in public before, and hadn’t even started writing my speech to give early the next morning at Eatonville (I ended up working from 7-11 PM, then 4:30-6:30 AM) – I began mentally threading my talking points on the way to Pizzeria Orso to pick up my carryout pizzas. Yes, pizzas, plural – I was starving, and was going to take no chances.

A traditional Margherita DOC ($13) was gone in about ten minutes. It was a fantastic pizza, just it has been each time I’ve ordered it.

Unfortunately, a specialty Giamette ($16) with tomato, provola, pepperoni, sausage, salami, and ham was below the lofty standards Pizzeria Orso has set for itself. It failed the Pizzeria Bianco Test (and yes, that’s an honest-to-goodness true story): “Would I drive across the country for this pizza?” No way. There was so much salty meat on it that the outstanding crust, complete with perfect char (just like the Margherita had) was overwhelmed. I didn’t feel like being a complete bloat-o the next morning, so I had only one piece, and wrapped the rest to put in the freezer (sorry, Edan!) While not “for the masses,” this was a meat-fest, and really has no place at a world-class pizzeria.

Or does it? Because I had it again a week later … stay tuned …

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