Fast Gourmet, U Street Corridor

(See the January 15th Review here.)

I had just attended a breakfast summit at Eatonville, but didn’t get the chance to have any breakfast. It was 11 AM, I had parked right in front of Fast Gourmet – was there any serious doubt where I was going to have lunch?

It took all my reserves not to get a Chivito, but from my previous visit I’d remembered one of the owners heartily recommending the Tuna Sandwich ($8.50). Really now, when’s the last time you’ve had a great tuna sandwich?

Well, this one was. It was made with fresh yellowfin tuna, and served with red onions, raisins, capers, greens, and mayo on whole wheat bread (you can also get it on brioche). This was a fabulous tuna sandwich, pretty much what you’d expect given that it’s using fresh, high-quality tuna. For my personal tastes, it didn’t quite live up to the glories of the Chivito, but (as geeky as this may sound) there is scuttlebutt floating around the internet about things not being spread evenly, and that was also the case here – everything was sort of clumped to the center, and I got bare bites of bread. I also think I might get this on brioche next time.

Nevertheless, I don’t remember a better tuna sandwich than this. And! I got to taste the new-old thin french fries (the ones I had on my previous visit were the thicker ones they were experimenting with). I liked the thin ones better with the tuna, especially for the first 5-10 minutes when they remained hot; I’m not sure which would fare better with the Chivito, especially after they started to cool. But this is a mere trifle – just go here and get a sandwich – any sandwich – and enjoy it.

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