Famous Luigi’s, Downtown

(See the January 9th, 2010 Review here.)

I met Nikki Lewis downtown to discuss my talking points for ROC-DC’s Behind The Kitchen Door breakfast summit at Eatonville. We’d originally planned on meeting at Sign of the Whale, but it was so loud, and so was everywhere else, that we found ourselves at Famous Luigi’s – the second time I’ve been here this year (which is odd, because this is not a place I frequent frequently (yes, I said that on purpose)).

Moretti La Rossa (which, coincidentally, I’m sipping on right now (not the same one)) is only $4.75 here, but a Vodka and Cranberry Juice with Stoli was a pricey $9.75, strangely tabbed out at $2.50 for the (little can of?) cranberry juice and $7.25 for the Stoli.

Unlike the cheese pizza I scarfed last month, I didn’t like the three-topping Pizza for Two ($15) with black olives, zucchini, and sausage. The crust was really doughy, flaccid, and boring, and the toppings just kind of … existed.

Famous Luigi’s is never “great,” but is sometimes good; this was certainly the worst pizza I’ve had here.

But it was quiet.

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