Vidalia, Downtown

(See January 15, 2011 Review here.)

On the second night of Restaurant Week, I’d actually forgotten it was Restaurant Week (honest!), and was foolish enough to drive straight into the lion’s den, determined to repeat my phenomenal hamburger experience from the previous Friday at Vidalia.

I walked in, and as soon as I saw the crowds, I said to myself, “oops,” but snatched an empty seat at the bar anyway (there were several, and this was prime dinner hour).

The first thing I did was order a Rittenhouse 100 Rye ($11.25), one ice cube on the side. The second thing I did was tell my bartender Allen that I wanted a repeat on last Friday’s hamburger.

Allen told me that, unfortunately, Vidalia was only offering the Restaurant Week menu, and that nothing else – not even the bar menu – was available. Just as he told he me this, he snapped my photo –  here it is.

Was I going to turn down three courses at Vidalia, one of the most sought-after Restaurant Week venues in town, for only $35.11? The menu looked wonderful, and I’m sure it was, but I just wasn’t in the mood to sit and have three courses – I wanted that burger – so I just sat and nursed my rye with tears of sadness streaming into my glass.

And then I left and went to McDonald’s and scarfed a burger and fries on the way home.

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