Corduroy, Convention Center

(See January 15, 2011 Review here.)

I spent the first day of Restaurant Week all alone, at the bar of Corduroy, with the fine company of bartender Casey Wilson, her friend  (and Corduroy server) Dee Tobin, and Dee’s boyfriend (and also a Corduroy server) Joe Carroll – they kept me company, but I was the only diner the whole time I was there.

How ironic that I probably had the best Restaurant Week meal in the city, and I only spent $30 for three courses. Yet, I was the only diner in the entire bar area? Sorry, everyone, but it really does help to know what the hell you’re doing in order not to get ripped off by Restaurant Week.

Oh, and I guess I should mention that Corduroy is not participating in Restaurant Week, and offers this three-course, $30 steal at the bar all year long. Ahem … hello?

I was hoping to repeat my Kabocha Squash Soup from the week before, but it was gone; instead I got the Red Snapper Bisque which, after one bite, showed that Tom Power was cooking with a vengeance this evening. It was fantastic – piping hot, deep, rich, made with lobster stock, and just an incredible bowl of soup.

Better yet, the fish of the day was the exact same Peppered Rare Big Eye Rare Tuna with sushi rice and hijiki that was off the week before; this was not. It was perfect, it was awesome, and it almost brought tears to my eyes. The only difference was that it was about 20% smaller than the mammoth portion you get on the regular menu (no restaurant in the world could stay in business serving a full-size portion of this dish in a $30 three-course). Still, it was an ample piece of terrific tuna, cooked beautifully.

And for dessert, three scoops of Homemade Ice Cream, two vanilla, and one honey. As good as any ice cream there is, and the end to a blissful meal.

I knew the previous meal was a fluke, I just knew it; this one was Corduroy as it should be, and also a lot less expensive. Corduroy is a great, great restaurant, and the $30 bar menu is an absolute steal. How’d you guys like your $35.11 Restaurant Week dinner at Mie & Yu? Educate yourselves, please.

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