The Swiss Bakery, Springfield, VA

The holidays are upon us, and like last year, I knew just where to go for some Christmas cookies: The Swiss Bakery in Springfield, right off the beltway on Braddock Road.

Their traditional Swiss Christmas cookies are unpronounceable, but also wonderful. Along with various other holiday treats (gingerbread men (and houses!), tea breads, yule logs), they’re featuring 15 different cookies, and you can mix and match at $16.95/lb.

I got a bag of Brunsli, made with almond, hazelnut, cocoa, sugar, and egg, and they’re about half gone, the second half to follow shortly.

Every time I remember The Swiss Bakery sells house-made ice cream, I get excited and run over to the case, and every time I do, I remember why I’ve never bought any: they use corn syrup. Why, oh why?

And I always smile when I look into the kitchen and see Lisa Scruggs, who used to be the pastry chef at Equinox (this is when Heather Roth was assistant pastry chef – now that was a strong combo).

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