Elephant Jumps, Merrifield, VA

I hadn’t been to Elephant Jumps in four months, but stopped in yesterday for a carryout lunch.

Panang Curry Chicken ($8.95) came from a one-page menu of “lunch sets” which feature two accompaniments, in this case a Thai spring roll with sweet chili sauce (i.e., duck sauce) and a small house salad with the novel combination of lettuce, corn, red onion, kidney beans, and peanut dressing (the combination worked).

The Panang Chicken itself was extremely mild compared to the fiery hot Panang Beef dish I had in August. It’s in a red curry sauce with cumin and lemon leaf, and comes with a scoop of steamed rice. It was a decent, honorable lunch (pre-duck-sauced spring roll aside) from a good neighborhood Thai restaurant which was doing a fairly brisk lunch business.

Elephant Jumps also delivers with a minimum order of $18.

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