PS7′s, Verizon Center

I’ve always resisted The OMFG Dip ($12) here because I can’t pull myself away from the “Primanti Brothers” Special. This, despite it sounding sooooo OMF good: seared porchetta with caramelized onions and melted gruyere on toasted foccacia, with a medium-sized bowl of smoky pork dripping jus.

There’s no doubt this is an excellent sandwich (nobody conjures up more appealing sandwiches than Peter Smith), but, believe it or not, it was almost too subtle.

The problem wasn’t necessarily the OMFG Dip proper; it was the company it kept: the Chef’s Choice PS7’s Burger might just be my favorite burger in the whole, wide, world right now. It out-Ray’s Ray, and it out-Frank’s Frank. Ordered and cooked to a perfect medium-rare, and served on a homemade buttery roll with house cured bacon (!), fried egg (!!), gruyere, and marinated tomatoes. I pledge allegiance to this hamburger, with all my heart and soul. Next time you go to PS7’s, get this. Trust me on this one.

As for the OMFG Dip, it was woken up a bit by the Hand Cut French Fries ($4), served sideways in a paper cone, the salt skewed towards the bottom. A Scrimshaw Pilsner ($5) rounded out this manly meal.

Actually, it didn’t. I couldn’t resist ordering the Evolution of the Chocolate Chip Cookie ($8) for dessert. This name was so intriguing that I didn’t even ask what it was. Well, as it turns out, it was an expensive misnomer: it was plate of three chocolate chip cookies, one chewy, one cakey, and the other crispy. Don’t get me wrong – these were all three very good cookies, but I saw only a difference in style; not any sort of evolution, and unfortunately since they’re (honorably) served warm, the tactile differences between the three were minimized. And at $8, that works out to $2.67 per cookie. No.

But the burger redeemed everything!

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