Happy Family, Falls Church, VA

Well, I had to try it sooner or later.

It had been sitting there, this decrepit shack, right on the main drag in old Falls Church. “In Business Since 1996,” the menu says, and it has a sort of poor man’s Thai X-ing feel (if you can believe it) inside. There was no heat on at all, and it was frigid.

Ultimately, what grabbed me was also printed on the menu:

Food = Healthy
Cookery = Art+Skill
MSG = Zero
Customer = Friends

And sure enough, the gentleman who answered the phone (and greeted me, and possibly cooked the food) was kindly. He batted one-for-two with the food.

Do not get the Spicy Tangy Wonton[s] ($4.25 for 6) because they are miserable, pasty little things, filled with a pea-sized substance of what is probably minced pork, bathing in a thin, sweet, soy-based sauce.

However, the Curry Chicken ($5.95 for a lunch portion) was not all that bad. It was clean, not oily, had a nice blast of curry powder, and was about as good as you should hope for here.

Happy Family delivers within 4 miles of the Lee Highway – Annandale Road intersection (minimum $12 for lunch, $15 for dinner). If I ever order from here again, I’ll keep it simple like I did with my entree, and get a non-battered, wok-fried item.

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