Nielsen’s Frozen Custard, Vienna

After stuffing ourselves silly at Chase The Submarine, my young dining companion and I stopped into Nielsen’s Frozen Custard. It was the day before it was closing at this location permanently, reportedly in order to relocate, so I wanted to take home some samplings.

They were running very low on stock, and I felt fortunate to purchase some Pre-Packed Vanilla Frozen Custard ($5.95, Pint), which was delicious when tasted in the store. After I got home and put it in the freezer, I saw what my cryogenic treatment did to it, and allowed it to warm up a bit in the refrigerator for a good half hour before even attempting to get some for, um, Matt.

I’m not sure if Nielsen’s uses corn syrup or sugar as their sweetener, but I am sure that this custard tastes really good – it was (and hopefully will be) a worthy competitor to The Dairy Godmother in Del Ray, but I’m having trouble thinking of any other frozen custard in this area that even approaches this level.

It will be sad if Nielsen’s doesn’t reopen, and I hope they’re being straightforward when they say they’re merely looking to relocate; if not, their equipment will be up for auction soon. Personally, I’m looking forward to trying the new location, and branching out from Vanilla. I don’t need Tutti-Frutti Bubble-Gum Zing Pop Crunch, but (aside from not having it), Nielsen’s doesn’t rely on kiddy-sweet plastic flavors for their high quality – vanilla does just fine, and actually has a taste that resembles vanilla-bean syrup.

The pint lasted us through Christmas, almost.

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