Afghan Kabob House, Courthouse

Although I don’t remember ever being inside of Afghan Kabob House, this has become my go-to GrubHub delivery restaurant, supplanting London Curry House for the time being (which has gotten a considerable amount of my business in the past). There’s *no question* that London Curry House is the superior restaurant, but it’s much more expensive for delivery (almost double, with a $35 minimum), and unfortunately, a boneless chicken kabob I ordered contained about 50% chunks of chicken that were aggressively inedible – something was very wrong with their texture – and I’m having trouble shaking the memory (when I was a child, and stayed home from school sick, I ate a tray of 24 Patio frozen mini-tacos – anyway, I got sick on them, and couldn’t eat another taco for over ten years. A similar thing happened later in life with Whiskey. Enough! Let’s move on …

I’ve gotten delivery from Afghan Kabob House several times now, and it’s good food (not great food), gently priced, and has been very consistent with quality. Instead of recounting individual meals, I’m going to use my cumulative knowledge to help you order delivery – sort of a “highlight reel” as it were.

Afghan Kabob House has a $12 minimum order on GrubHub, combined with free delivery – I generally leave a 20% tip on my credit card which is convenient, since the driver can just hand you the bag of food, and be on his way. I have yet to wait an hour for my delivery, and the wait is generally in the 40-minute range.

The one thing I’ve learned to always get here is the Triple Play Combination ($16.95), your choice of any 3 kabobs, a vegetable, a rice, a side, a sauce, and a goodly sized piece of hot Afghan bread. It’s quite a lot of food for the money, and unless you’re a really big eater, this alone is enough to fill up an average man. I’m not 100% sure this contains 3 entire skewers, but the amount of food you’ll get for the money will not disappoint you.

For my vegetable, I started out getting the Chickpeas or Turnips (and still sometimes get them as an extra order, $2.95), but switched over to the Potato Curry as my staple – think of it as large chunks of cut-up baked potato, with just enough sauce to bind it together – it’s not a large portion, but it’s satisfying. I enjoy these potatoes so much that I’ve been tempted to get an extra order, but haven’t as of this writing.

For my rice, I prefer the Brown Rice with Carrots and Raisins. Like the potatoes, this is a small portion of rice (the vegetable and the rice each take up one of the two small slots in the styrofoam container, and the meat takes up the one large slot). I’d say the rice might be the weak point of the dish, as it tends to be somewhat oily – not excessively so, but enough so I notice, and I’d rather it wasn’t.

For the side order, you have your choice of 4 salads – which I’m almost certain would amount to chopped up iceberg lettuce and not much more – or Hummus, and every single time I’ve gotten the hummus. This is not great hummus, but it’s “okay,” and gives you something into which you can dunk your fairly large piece of Afghan Naan, which looks a lot like this. It also adds some moisture to the dish – a good thing, as it’s not a particularly “wet” platter of food (although it’s certainly not dry, either).

For the sauce, I’ve gotten either the Mild Sauce or the Tzatziki, depending on whether or not I want yogurt. I usually do, and sometimes order the mild sauce along with an 8-ounce side order of Tzatziki ($2.45), the unused portion of which keeps nicely in the refrigerator for several days. The sauce that comes with the meal is in one of those tiny little plastic tubs (which is another reason I order the hummus instead of a salad).

You’ll be presented with a list of side orders which you can add, but you won’t need them to fill up on – the turnips are pretty good, but it’s also a pretty small order for $2.95.

Then comes the most important decision: the kabobs themselves. I’ve tried a whole host of combinations, and haven’t yet been disappointed: lamb, steak, ground beef, ground chicken, boneless dark meat chicken, boneless white meat chicken – just pick three that sound good to you in combination, and you’ll be happy. I tend not to get seafood kabobs at places like this, since the seafood usually isn’t fresh, but I’ve never tried theirs.

Well, there you have it – this is a sub-$20 delivery meal that I think you’ll be pretty happy with. The restaurant is in Courthouse, so it has a very populated delivery radius. Give it a try – I’d love some feedback on my opinions, and if you try something I haven’t mentioned, I’d be interested in knowing that as well.

Cheers, Rocks

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