Bangkok Golden: Two Separate Companies With Two Separate Websites

I’ve changed the name of this thread from “Tong Thai” to “Bangkok Golden,” despite the possibilities of conflating these two restaurants (which are in Fort Washington, MD and in University Mall, near George Mason University, in Fairfax) with the Seven Corners Bangkok Golden (and its sister restaurant in DC, Thip Khao).

As with Bombay Bistro (in Rockville and Fairfax), we’re left with the unfortunate situation of an apparent ownership split, where both new owners kept the old name. That’s the way it is, and the old slogan, “Knowledge is power,” comes in handy here.

The little mini-chain “Bangkok Golden” is in the Multiple Locations Dining Guide, whereas the Laotian restaurant everyone talks about is in the Virginia Dining Guide. If you ever run across the name “Tong Thai” in Fairfax, it’s the exact same restaurant as “Bangkok Golden” in Fairfax.

The About Us section of their website,, should help keep things clear; the Thai-Laotian restaurant in Seven Corners used to have the website, but that now redirects to

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