Pizza Vinoteca, Ballston

I’m upgrading Pizza Vinoteca to Italic.

I didn’t feel like venturing out to lunch today, so I ordered delivery through GrubHub, ordering a House Pizza (a bargain at $8) with tomato, fontina, mozzarella, and basil and a Tarte Flambée ($12) with crème fraîche, fromage blanc, bacon, and onion. Both pizzas were delicious, grilled, and reminded me of the old Pizza Zero in Bethesda (Argentine).

Even more of a bargain: Pizza Vinoteca has 1/2-price pizzas at the bar for happy hour, Mon-Fri, 4-7PM. Assuming they’re all available, this House Pizza for $4 would be ridiculous.

The restaurant offers 36 wines by the glass all for $10 or less every day (and they have drink specials during happy hour which I suspect include wine).

When you order, you’ll get a coupon good for $5 off your first online order of $10 or more (to be used at Pizza Vinoteca) through GrubHub (which will actually be your second order, since you have to order once to get the coupon). I’d give you my discount code, but I worry that would be ripping off the restaurant. The coupon is supposed to only be good for your first GrubHub order, so theoretically I can’t use it – why would they give it to me then? I’m sure it will be fine.

Pupatella has nothing to worry about, but Pizza Vinoteca poses a challenge to Willow’s flatbreads. I still give Willow the nod, but for delivery? This is by far the best delivery pizza I’ve found in the area.

One suggestion to Pizza Vinoteca: There’s a fine line between having really nice delivery boxes (and yours are really nice!) and being environmentally conscious. While these boxes are both novel and very attractive, you might want to reconsider them once you get established (after you’ve hooked the fish, there’s no need to keep fishing). This is a tough situation for restaurants, because you want to put your product in something decent (just like serving wine in a crystal decanter), so I understand the push-and-pull here.

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