Spacebar, Falls Church, VA

I stopped by Spacebar last night and had a #11, House Tuna Salad ($8.50) with Provolone and Swiss on Rye, and it was good – they grill the tuna salad on the flattop before doing anything else, so it’s a variation on a tuna melt that stays hot the entire time it’s in front of you (i.e., the heat is radiating from both inside and out).

What’s more impressive than the sandwiches is the selection of draft beers – there are twenty-four (yes, 24!) taps of North American craft(-ish) beer, some of them very interesting and not all that common around here. They’re reasonably priced, and what I tried was in very good condition.

They don’t fill growlers at Spacebar, but they do something even more unique: They sell any of their 24 beers in 16-ounce Mason jars, up until midnight, for the same price as it costs in the restaurant. Each mason jar requires a $1 deposit, but if you bring it back in, they’ll refill it without you having to pay that dollar again. A “poor-man’s growler,” if you will, so if you want just one more beer before going to sleep for the evening, but don’t want to drive after having it, just take one home, and you’ll have your very own Mason jar to boot.

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