Sweet Rice, Falls Church

Kudos to Sweet Rice for delivering last week right after we got pounded with 6-8 inches of snow. They not only delivered, they delivered ahead of schedule, and the food was hot and *good*.

Wild Pork ($10.95) and Gang Gai ($10.95) were both as good as I’ve ever had from here, and I gave the deliveryman a $7 tip, too, for trudging out to me in the snow.

I was also grateful enough where I subsequently ordered from them again, this time getting Panang Chicken ($10.95) and Gang Gai ($10.95). Both dishes were equally good, and I could swear I detected a hint of Sriracha in the Panang Chicken.

Sweet Rice is a better restaurant now than it was just two years ago – I think they must have gotten themselves a better cook, or else their cook has been working to improve. At this point, it is the only above-average Thai restaurant that delivers in the Falls-Church, Northwest-Arlington areas, and has been a life saver for me. I can’t quite justify putting it in Italic, but this is a “home turf” stalwart that I’ve frequented numerous times in the past, and that I will continue to use in the future – one of those places you’re thankful that exists.

If you haven’t tried Sweet Rice in a couple of years, try it – it’s better than it used to be.

And *thank you* for delivering during that nasty snowstorm.

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