Umami Gourmet Coffee & Exotic Tea Shop, Richmond

About once a year, I find myself in North Richmond not far from Henrico, and three times now, I’ve ended up at Umami, a tiny little family-owned coffee and tea shop, specializing primarily in teas.

The shop was decorated for the holidays, and I ordered an Iced Tea ($3.25), got out my computer, and went to work on their free WiFi. After about thirty minutes, the kindly proprietor came over, took my cup, and refilled it for me without even asking. This is not some junky iced tea either; Sabrina, the owner, knows her teas, and they are exceptional.

Wanting to support this wonderful little family business, I also bought a two-ounce packet of Jasmine Tea ($5.00) and an Infuser ($5.99). Even though you can’t make the journey down to Richmond every day, you can still support Umami by shopping at their online store – they have a large selection of quality teas, and I’m sure they would appreciate the business.

I hesitate to mention this, but Umami is also minority-owned, and I personally take great pleasure out of supporting small, diverse, family-owned businesses rather than simply walking into some corporate behemoth and buying a pack of tea bags.

This is a delightful shop, and one which I will continue to frequent when I find myself anywhere in the area. You can shop online with confidence, knowing that you’re supporting kindhearted people when you buy from Umami.

Coverage initiated in Italic in the Dining Guide.

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