Buz & Ned’s, Henrico and Richmond


<He looked at me, with that stare of panic we all have when you know someone but can’t instantly place them>

“Don Rockwell!” I said, to minimize that “awkward moment.”

“What the hell are you doing here?”

“What the hell are *you* doing here?”

I was in Henrico, and decided to head to the new Buz’s for a light lunch. I sat at the *wonderful* bar (if you haven’t been here, you’ll love it), fully stocked with beers and liquors that remind me Buz is a one serious connoisseur of cuisine, both high and low.

I broke my “6 PM Rule” and got an 8-ounce draft of Anderson Valley Winter Solstice Ale ($3.50), having asked my bartender for something on the maltier end of the spectrum. Note to self: search this beer out for home use.

Right before I got my bowl of Brunswick Stew ($5.99) is when I glanced up and saw Buz standing right in front of me, not even noticing I was there. 

“This stew is great!” I told him a few minutes later.

“That’s because I made it,” he said.

Buz, Matt, and I have been to dinner at Edo’s Squid before, and he (knowing that Matt was in town) asked me if he’d like a bowl of chili for the ride home. Sure! I tipped generously.

Later that afternoon, before our long drive home, I picked up Matt and he was starving and wanted some solid food. 

“Want to go to Buz & Ned’s?”


So we went to the *other* one, downtown on Broad Street, for dinner. This kid was hungry, so we split a full rack of Pork Baby Back Ribs ($30.95) with baked beans and cole slaw (two sides are included). The ribs at Buz & Ned’s come pre-sauced which irks purists, but these were really great ribs, a cut above anything you can find inside the beltway. And both the beans (made with fatback and maybe some pork belly) and slaw were, refreshingly, more savory than sweet

So I have a beer for lunch, but not for dinner, and I go to two iterations of the same restaurant in one day. Odd!

Odd, and strongly maintained in Italic in the Dining Guide – for both meals. Every single item, lunch and dinner, was excellent.

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