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Sushi Yoshi, Vienna, VA

Vienna has a big, big sushi identity crisis. In particular, there are three sushi restaurants within a 1-2 mile strip that begin with a “Y” – Sushi Yama, Yoki Sushi, and Sushi Yoshi. Forget about Sushi Yama – it’s just … Continue reading

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Baked and Wired, Georgetown

(See the April 2, 2011 Review here.) If I had one, and only one, question to ask a stranger, in order to determine whether or not they were plugged in to the DC food scene, it might be the following: “Where … Continue reading

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Chief Ike’s, Adams Morgan

I went for a post-midnight Chief Ike’s beer tonight, getting a PBR ($3) and a Famosa ($3), enjoying the beers on their patio. The bartender was as friendly as could be on a slow night, not even asking us for a card when we … Continue reading

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Me Jana, Courthouse

“Something European; not Italian. Maybe something healthy – I’d love to have some good food tonight.” That was my young dining companion’s response when I asked him for his hunger level (“6”), and a rough sketch of the evening’s meal. … Continue reading

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Fish Taco, Cabin John

The Chef of Fish Taco is Eddie Moran, former Chef de Cuisine of Sou’Wester. He conceptualized the menu, and is working daily on-site. Yesterday, I had a late lunch there, and he was sitting at a table, prepping one of … Continue reading

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