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DPop, on 09 Aug 2013 – 10:53 AM, said:

The Chicken Parm provided an excellent first bite, with a nice crunchy texture and acidic tomato sauce held up by a nice semi-soft roll. Things swirled down hill from there. When I placed the sandwich back into the foil wrapping, I noticed my hands glistening in a slick coating of grease. Not just a little dribble that had dropped out of the sandwich, mind you, they were covered. I found this odd in that I would not expect a chicken Parm to to give off this amount of clear, saturated fat after one bite. Undeterred, I plodded forward into the sandwich and was disappointed to find the middle a mess of tomato sauce and breading. What happened to the chicken? I would catch a saturated bite here and there, but it seems that the majority of the chicken got squeezed outward, leaving the first and last bites of each half of the sandwich to be far superior to everything in the middle. The definition of a mixed experience for me, as those 4 end-piece bites were really quite good.

 hmmboy, on 11 Sept 2013 – 07:54 AM, said:

I am gonna have to disagree with my friend David and give a huge shout out to the chicken parm sandwich here. It was by far the best I have had in this area and rivals some of the best ever (in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn). My sandwich was packed with chicken, the porky tomato sauce spooned on judiciously, and the bread – what a fantastic sesame seeded sub roll – again the best I have had in this area and reminiscent of those found in Brooklyn Italian bakeries. I cannot wait to return, and while I would like to try some of Chef Izzy’s other offerings it is hard to imagine not getting the chicken parm again.

After reading the bipolar comments of David and Mark, I just had to try the Chicken Parm ($11) on my first-ever visit to G Sandwich.

I had no preconceived notions, and very little idea what to expect when I walked in. A block south (on V Street, I believe), there are a few free 15-minute parking spaces, and I challenged the clock, racing up, ordering my sandwich, and racing back.

While I waited, I ordered a Diet Coke ($2.50?), and only then did it become clear to me that G Sandwich is really pushing upscale soft drinks, and isn’t a place you walk in and buy a 79-cent fountain drink, or can of Sprite. In Vancouver, there’s a mini-chain called Meat and Bread, and although G Sandwich is a bigger, more ambitious restaurant, it reminds me – in spirit – of this little gem in Vancouver (which you should absolutely try if you go).

I waited, and waited, and my 15 minutes had expired before I got my sandwich, but I made it back to the car without a ticket, carefully prepared my “table” for the ride home, and headed down 14th Street.

So, where is the deciding vote cast on the Chicken Parm? I’m siding with Mark on this one: my sandwich was not good, not great, but just about perfect – meaning that I can’t think of one single thing that I would change about it to make it any better. I’m no “Chicken Parm Expert,” and I have no doubt that the execution of David’s sandwich was off, but man-oh-man, I don’t know how I’m going to pry myself away from getting this again the next time I come. 

The chicken itself tasted like it was wood-roasted, even though it’s not in the “Wood Roasted Sandwiches” section of the menu (yes, I’m well aware that it could be cooked sous-vide and finished on the grill); the tomato sauce seemed long-cooked and laced with – dare I say it? dare I? – okay! Porky Goodness!; the cheese was screaming with texture, and the roll was as sturdy and tasty as advertised. Do not hesitate to get this sandwich.

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