Astor Mediterranean, Rosslyn

I can happily say that I got a non-Egyptian pizza at Astor Mediterranean that was every bit as good as the Egyptian: a Regular Pizza ($10.95) with red pepper, kalamata olives, eggplant, and mushrooms ($1.50 per topping) was a vegetarian’s delight. I actually preferred this to the Egyptian because the jalapeños on the Egyptian are a bit much for me (after the 7th piece).

Astor, if you’re reading this, your online ordering system does not have a checkbox for eggplant – thus, I had to order on the telephone. Also, get cho shit together, homies!

I would compare this pizza favorably with The Original Ledo Restaurant in College Park, Joe Squared in Baltimore, etc. – different styles, of course, but the same genre of pig-out pie, football pie, or whatever you want to call it, both being wonderful representatives of working-man’s pizza without slipping into the foul depths of mass-production, sixteen-wheeler-delivery crap-o-la.

This pizza was expensive (over $18), but easily enough for two adults – eight bountiful pieces with a thick, bready crust, and very generous toppings.

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