Stachowski Market & Deli, Georgetown

I went to Stachowski Market & Deli today and tried the Braunschweiger Sandwich ($8.99) for the first time. It was an excellent sandwich, and for the price it was amazing (it is indeed enough for two small meals). Made with Jamie’s homemade braunschweiger (pork liver sausage, a firm liverwurst), red onion, sweet pickle, and mustard on oversized, toasted rye bread, the ingredients were all superb, and the sandwich was tall enough where someone with a small jaw would have to compress it before eating. My one nitpick with this fine sandwich is that everything was very thick, and piled in its own space (I’d say that picture in Saveur is very much like what I had today). The shredded red onion – which was very sweet and quite good – needs to be distributed a little better. One bite in particular was not much more than rye bread, mustard, and a mound of red onion (which is how I know it was very sweet and quite good). This is a very mild liver sausage, so if you don’t like strong meats, don’t let the name or description scare you off.

On the way out, I saw Jamie, and he looks great. This market is terrific, and I don’t really see how it could possibly get much better than it is. Jamie, it’s wonderful to see you come into your own. Sure, you were great at Restaurant Kolumbia, but this is where your passion and heart are. I don’t know if this means anything to you, or sounds silly, but I’ll say it anyway – I’m proud of both you and Carolyn. 

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