Good Fortune, Wheaton, MD

Good Fortune serves mid-day dim sum seven days a week, M-F from 11:30-3, and weekends and holidays from 11-3.

I stopped in for a dim sum lunch yesterday, and had a perfectly good meal for $9.25 before tax and tip (3 items, plus a pot of tea for 50 cents). All dim sum on this Monday was made to order in the kitchen (which is an absolute necessity since at 1 PM, there were only two other diners in the restaurant the whole time I was there).

Har Gow ($2.75 for 4) were the weak link, and about as basic as this simple dish can be: frozen (but deveined) shrimp, wrapped in a translucent, bag-shaped, rice-paper wrapper, and steamed. My dishes were served with a little bowl of chili oil (with dried seeds and flakes) that I used side-by-side with a few drops of soy sauce, and these needed a little dunk to wake them up. If you don’t know what these dim sum items are, you should Google them – presentations are often similar, and pictures describe them well.

Fried Fun Gor ($3.50 for 3) was, I think, slightly different than most presentations. Crescent-shaped and deep fried, the yeasty, almost donut-smelling, batter was lined on the inside with a sweet, pale orange paste, perhaps some type of bean or taro. The center portion of the crescent contained a small ball of ground pork and what seemed to be spring onion. They were very flavorful and well-fried.

Pan Fried Turnip Cake ($2.50 for 3) is my traditional weakness at dim sum restaurants, and it’s almost obligatory for me. I developed a taste for them early on, and don’t think I’ve ever had one I don’t like. Rectangular, pan-fried, and custardy, with tiny bits of pork and strands of turnip, I’ve never been quite sure what the base for these gelatinous blocks are, and perhaps it’s best that I don’t know.

While the Har Gow was a bit bland (which it often is), I really don’t see how Good Fortune could have delivered a better version of what I ordered. My server was just the right combination of friendly and abrupt. I only wanted to finish half the meal, and enjoyed the rest later at home (even the Fried Fun Gor microwaved decently).

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