3 Bar and Grill, Clarendon, VA

(See the March 4, 2011 Review here.)

A lot of times, parking will dictate where I end up, and so it was on this occasion, where I found myself sitting at the bar at 3 Bar and Grill.

Only wanting a snack, I ordered a Port City IPA ($6) and an order of Bleu Cheese Chips ($9) – homemade potato chips topped with Point Reyes Bleu and house-cured bacon.

These chips, Americanized nachos if you will, sound fantastic, and they are IF you really, really like Point Reyes Bleu. Sometimes, I’ll order something (a salad, or an appetizer like this) with blue cheese on it thinking how good it sounds on paper, and when it arrives, I find the flavors a bit overwhelming. The sauce underneath the crumble (seemingly a type of bechamel) is much more mild, however, and that’s what I honed in on. The chips are very good, and so are the bacon bits.

3 things I noticed (get it? 3?):

As heavy as this food is (and it tends to be heavy), 3 Bar and Grill clearly marks the dishes that are gluten-free, and even has a separate gluten-free menu listed on their website.

3 Bar and Grill recycles 100% of their grease (it says so on the menu, but not the website).

And perhaps most importantly: they sell their outstanding homemade bacon by the pound. $12 for a plastic-wrapped pound of some of the best raw bacon you’ll find in this area.

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