The Pure Pasty Co., Vienna, VA

(See the January 26, 2011 Review here).

The Pure Pasty Co. is one of the few places that brings out primal cravings in me. The pasties here are so good that at any given moment, I could be perfectly happy jumping in my car and heading directly to Vienna.

I came out of my shell and tried a Philly ($5.99), their version of a Philly Cheesesteak, stuffed with grass-fed beef flank steak, peppers, onions, and aged provolone. Doesn’t this sound good? Well, as much as I thought I’d love it, it just left me wanting the traditional version – there were way too many green peppers (which dominated the flavor), and for some strange reason I couldn’t taste the provolone. To boot, it was very greasy (perhaps from the provolone).

The Phillys were fine on paper, and I don’t regret the two I bought, but I’m really glad I bought four of the Traditional ($5.99) pasties with grass-fed beef, Russet potato, Vidalia onion, and seasonal vegetables (carrots, etc.). To me, the soul of this bakery can be found inside the traditional pasty – it comes so close to being the perfect food item, and the very thought of it makes me salivate like a dog. I want one. Now.

If you haven’t been here yet, get in your car right this minute, and order as many of the Traditional pasties as you can.

PS Congratulations to owner Michael Burgess and his two-day-old son, William!

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