Market Salamander, Middleburg, VA

Today was a very special day, shared with a very special person, and for lunch I found myself driving east on Route 50 through Middleburg. Every time I do this, I think I’m going to go to Upper Crust bakery, but always get waylaid by Market Salamander.

I ordered the aptly named Hottie ($6.95), an awesome panino on grill-pressed sourdough – you know, the kind that has streaks of char running through the ridges. Stuffed with Virginia ham, Colby Cheddar, really good arugula, roast tomato, and spread lightly with maple mustard, this was pretty much the perfect “in-car” sandwich on a long stretch of road.

It comes with the choice of slaw or potato salad, and I can recommend the latter, made with redskins and not too much mayo – tougher to eat while driving than the sandwich for sure, but manageable.

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