Bourbon, Adams Morgan

After a mob-scene launch party at Fiola, my friend and I took off for Adams Morgan where we met Bill Thomas and Jake Parrott at Bourbon – he was doing a television segment on Bourbon (the drink, not the restaurant), and I wanted him to chat with two of our area’s greatest experts before he left for Kentucky.

Chat we did, and also sipped a few wheat-based and rye-based samples – pretty much going through the same primer I experienced four years ago before writing this article. My friend was well-armed by the time we walked out the door.

Between the Prosecco at Fiola, and the Bourbon at Bourbon, we were pretty hungry, so ordered (and paid for) a Bone-In Ribeye ($19), a 14-ounce cut (which was actually served without the bone) on a plate with roasted corn and shoestring fries.

This was a large cut for the money, and although the quality of the meat itself was ordinary (think Rustler Steakhouse), it was well-seasoned and filling. I ordered my steak medium-rare, and that’s exactly how it was served.

The food at Bourbon has never done much for me; I’ve always looked at it as competent survival food to go along with their unparalleled selection of Bourbons, the largest selection in the DC area.

The largest selection, at least, until Jack Rose opens down the street (also owned by Bill Thomas) which will have the largest selection of Bourbons in the country, perhaps the world – not to mention Michael Hartzer, former sous-chef at Citronelle, as chef.

I should also mention that Bill ordered for himself a Bison Burger (which I’ve also had before, and have had mixed experiences with). When the owner of a restaurant orders something, it’s often a recommendation to take seriously, so use this to your advantage.

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